Monday, May 22, 2006

How can you improve your English ability through using English Websites?

Internet has billons of web sites. We could use internet this convenient tools to find many of websites. Today we could use internet to learn many of things, and update our thinking. There are four websites are beneficial to learn English, maybe we will get a lot of fun by using them.
If we have problem between word and some sentence, we can go to “”. It is a online dictionary which is full of convenient could be used by everyone. If you are interesting in the movies, we could go to the “Internet Movie Database” to find the newest popular movie. If you are full of pep in learn different knowledge between several country, “Wikipedia” is truly a powerful tool to searching many kind of news. Finally “Google Earth Com” is my favorites web of them. Try to imagine a big earth map bigger enough to describe all detail of the world, including our house and school. If we are make a plan to go to abroad. It is an interesting travel shortcut.
Learning English is a process, we must step by step. If we use these websites tool and keep in study. We will get a lot development. Indeed, this summer vacation I will use the web map to redact my travel journey, and use the movie database to decide which movie we must see. It’s really a funny study style.