Friday, September 19, 2008

It's my day

My dream is coming true, i gotta be a pilot!
Someday I will Fly in the sky!
That's why I don't have many time to keep or share my blog, sorry that's really not my suppose.
Someone says Fly is not an easy job and have no shortcut, maybe have some sacrifice too. I can't makesure what will happen in the sky, but I don't want to lose this chance which effect my whole life. All I have do is try and try my best, right? Hope i could overcome it.
Take Off ! Big Boy! You're waiting for a long time.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

About Alien

Do you know U.F.O.? Sometimes we could see them in the movies; it’s one kind of object full of power and speed, controlled by aliens. In fact, people have been talk about alien for many decades, since they found the fist Unidentified Flying Object. Does that really exist?

According to some reports, UFO appear all over the world from west to east. A lot of witnesses believe it really exists. Something like photograph or short video tapes could be their evidences. The objects in their image have a common point; they saw it in a long distance and out of focus. Scientists have opinions in this strange phenomenon. They think UFO is only a visual illusion in an unusual chance. If we have enough condition, UFO could show up in anytime by a reflector or a huge light.

Maybe we could prove Aliens and their high-tech transportations like UFO really exists someday, but it still a mystery now. When TV or newspaper discusses about UFO, we have to think whether it exists or not. If it not really concerned to us, we don't need to waste our time on that!

Monday, May 22, 2006

How can you improve your English ability through using English Websites?

Internet has billons of web sites. We could use internet this convenient tools to find many of websites. Today we could use internet to learn many of things, and update our thinking. There are four websites are beneficial to learn English, maybe we will get a lot of fun by using them.
If we have problem between word and some sentence, we can go to “”. It is a online dictionary which is full of convenient could be used by everyone. If you are interesting in the movies, we could go to the “Internet Movie Database” to find the newest popular movie. If you are full of pep in learn different knowledge between several country, “Wikipedia” is truly a powerful tool to searching many kind of news. Finally “Google Earth Com” is my favorites web of them. Try to imagine a big earth map bigger enough to describe all detail of the world, including our house and school. If we are make a plan to go to abroad. It is an interesting travel shortcut.
Learning English is a process, we must step by step. If we use these websites tool and keep in study. We will get a lot development. Indeed, this summer vacation I will use the web map to redact my travel journey, and use the movie database to decide which movie we must see. It’s really a funny study style.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Spotlight on Beauty of Taiwan

Taiwan is a beautiful country. Some people called Taiwan Formosa, it means Taiwan is a fantasy island fill trees and flowers. Life grow up here like in a heaven. I really glad I could born here. I think the best place in Taiwan is Taipei.
Taipei is a big and technologic city. A Lot of department stores and huge malls are created here. Varieties of buildings show diverse culture in Taipei. The tallest building “Taipei101” bring Taipei to the world. It’s the tallest artificial architecture. It full height of 508 meters, replacing Malaysia's Petronas Towers as the world's tallest building. I think it is a stellar building and very glamorous. Beside the main tower is a big mall, it’s very luxurious. I really admire this huge art.
Recently they make the “view floor” open to public and give everyone chances to see Taipei’s view in the sky. Everyone was on the edge of their seats to try it, even though it spends much. Probably next time you have chance to see Taipei101 in a close distance, you will love this architecture at once.

Monday, March 06, 2006

What's differences and similarities between Chinese and Italian cuisine.

There are so many differences between Chinese and Italian cuisine. Although we live in Taiwan, we could eat many kind of food from another country of the world. Italian is popular in the world now.
I have been to Italian restaurant many times; pizza and cubana are my favorite. People enjoy pizza because it's easy to make and delicious to eat. Cubana is a kind of noodle, which fill in a lot of tomato and cheese. They are very delicious, and have a big difference with Chinese food. What’s the same? They all spend a lot of time.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Grammy Award

Grammy Award is a large award of music lovers. All of music makers wanted to win it for honor. Somebody seem it like a most important thing. One thing will never change, Grammy Award is very hard to get, except you are the best. This year Mariah Carey won the prize. She is a fantastic singer, she songs very well. Many of her fans eager to be like her. Not only Americas, but also people all around the world would be her fans. We know she has sung so many impressed songs like “Hero, Without You, and When You Believe”. If you have chance to listen her music, you could fall in love with the words, the melody, or her voice. I think she is good enough to get the price.
In fact I am a music lover especially in pop music. Even though I seldom buy foreign singer’s album, I still got feeling in a lot of English songs. And I wish I could remember that and play them by piano or sing it by myself. Maybe Taiwan’s singers someday could get Grammy or bigger Awards. If that’s true, we will very proud for them.