Thursday, November 17, 2005

spiderman 1

My favorite movie style is action movie. Spiderman is a movie I like best and one film let me wanted to go theater to saw it. I can’t wait to see it before it be played on the big screen. I was highly recommend it.
This movie is talk about Peter Park, he is a normal university student who was usually be ignored and who was afraid to express himself. Someday, he visit a laboratory with super-spider show. Unfortunately, he was bitten by a gene reconstruct spider. His body became change very huge. Then he became a super human, powerful strength, fantastic vision, and he could fire silk. He realized he has the ability to improve the chaos city, so he make a spider-mask and try to help the city far away the crime. Everyone call him Spiderman!
Spiderman is a fantastic movie. Not only it has a great scenario but also there are both action scene and inspire segment in it. For instance, when Peter Park talk with his uncle, his uncle told him “great power, great responsibility!” it’s really a meaningful word. While green devil become dead, he ask Peter don’t tell his son Harry he is a criminal. In many part we could see some important human philosophy in the film. I thought I learn so much form the movie. Spiderman is really my hero.

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