Monday, April 03, 2006

Spotlight on Beauty of Taiwan

Taiwan is a beautiful country. Some people called Taiwan Formosa, it means Taiwan is a fantasy island fill trees and flowers. Life grow up here like in a heaven. I really glad I could born here. I think the best place in Taiwan is Taipei.
Taipei is a big and technologic city. A Lot of department stores and huge malls are created here. Varieties of buildings show diverse culture in Taipei. The tallest building “Taipei101” bring Taipei to the world. It’s the tallest artificial architecture. It full height of 508 meters, replacing Malaysia's Petronas Towers as the world's tallest building. I think it is a stellar building and very glamorous. Beside the main tower is a big mall, it’s very luxurious. I really admire this huge art.
Recently they make the “view floor” open to public and give everyone chances to see Taipei’s view in the sky. Everyone was on the edge of their seats to try it, even though it spends much. Probably next time you have chance to see Taipei101 in a close distance, you will love this architecture at once.

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