Tuesday, November 06, 2007

About Alien

Do you know U.F.O.? Sometimes we could see them in the movies; it’s one kind of object full of power and speed, controlled by aliens. In fact, people have been talk about alien for many decades, since they found the fist Unidentified Flying Object. Does that really exist?

According to some reports, UFO appear all over the world from west to east. A lot of witnesses believe it really exists. Something like photograph or short video tapes could be their evidences. The objects in their image have a common point; they saw it in a long distance and out of focus. Scientists have opinions in this strange phenomenon. They think UFO is only a visual illusion in an unusual chance. If we have enough condition, UFO could show up in anytime by a reflector or a huge light.

Maybe we could prove Aliens and their high-tech transportations like UFO really exists someday, but it still a mystery now. When TV or newspaper discusses about UFO, we have to think whether it exists or not. If it not really concerned to us, we don't need to waste our time on that!

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