Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Thought of “The Wizard of Oz”

John Woo is a great director in Asia. He’s movie not only popular in Hollywood, but also famous in Hong Kong. Many consider him to be one of Asia’s best filmmakers. Musicals like The Wizard of Oz really inspired he, and make a big effort in his film.
The wizard of Oz is a story talk about a girl Dorothy’s adventure. Some day Dorothy went to the dream world in an accident. There are colorful and beautiful around her. At first Dorothy doesn’t know how to come back to home. A good wizard told her she should find the great wizard of Oz. In the road she meet a scarecrow ,a lion, and a robot Tin man. After Dorothy start her journey to Oz. Finally they solve every problem and get what they want. And they know success is need courage, knowledge, and a good and confidence heart.
I have seen many John Woo’s film. The movie Face/Off is really a fantastic one. I have ever knew a movie be director by Chinese could be that well. He does a good job. Hope he could make more impressive motion picture.

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