Monday, February 13, 2006

Grammy Award

Grammy Award is a large award of music lovers. All of music makers wanted to win it for honor. Somebody seem it like a most important thing. One thing will never change, Grammy Award is very hard to get, except you are the best. This year Mariah Carey won the prize. She is a fantastic singer, she songs very well. Many of her fans eager to be like her. Not only Americas, but also people all around the world would be her fans. We know she has sung so many impressed songs like “Hero, Without You, and When You Believe”. If you have chance to listen her music, you could fall in love with the words, the melody, or her voice. I think she is good enough to get the price.
In fact I am a music lover especially in pop music. Even though I seldom buy foreign singer’s album, I still got feeling in a lot of English songs. And I wish I could remember that and play them by piano or sing it by myself. Maybe Taiwan’s singers someday could get Grammy or bigger Awards. If that’s true, we will very proud for them.

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